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THE ZOO Liz Albee and Michael Vorfeld

THE ZOO and NRW soundtrips

Kritik zu SKIN Vorfeld plays Bongos, CD, Nov. 2014

Michael Vorfeld und Boris D. Hegenbart-Matsui

Website Boris D. Hegenbart-Matsui

on vimeo: strange song 1 Ute Wassermann: voice & composition Michael Vorfeld: light This is the first piece of" strange songs 1-10 for voice and birdcalls" in which I use a variety of birdcalls to mask my voice

on vimeo: another light bulb sing Michael Vorfeld: light bulbs and sound devices Ute Wassermann: voice

on youtube: Trio-Konzert am 7. August 2015 mit Olaf Rupp - electric guitar, John Hughes - double bass, Michael Vorfeld - percussion auf der MS Stubnitz in Hamburg.

... will be continued soon

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