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MICHAEL VORFELD plays percussion and self designed stringed instruments and realises electro-acoustic sound pieces. He works in the field of experimental, improvised music and sound art. Besides solo activities he is a member of different groups and collaborates with artists of different art forms.
«The starting point of my acoustic musi is the combination of conventional percussion instruments with self designed stringed instruments and sound objects. Combining these instrumental set-ups with various and unique playing techniques allows me to create an exceptional variety of sounds. A substantial aspect of my way of playing is the mixture and relation of different sound characters and their horizontal and vertical organisation. Percussive sounds are connected with expansive sounds, dense structures are combined with spare fragments. The big variety of different sound speres develops from the specific resonance raised by the varying instruments and the way of playing them. Rhythmic structures are less conected to metric than to pulsing movements. The sound colors are basically effected by the use of acoustic instruments. »
For further informations please visit: www.nurnichtnur.de
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