"An Bord", Lippstadt, seit 2017
(sightspecific light and sound installation) Lichtpromenade
an board, Lichtpromenade Lippstadt

HANOI ° BERLIN, Experimental Music Meeting, info download PDF

Nashaz 2016just out: NASHAZ
Michael Thieke: clarinet
Sharif Sehnaoui: acoustic guitar
Andrea Neumann: inside piano, mixing desk, Michael Vorfeld: percussion, Al Maslakh 2016

CD, Creative Sources Recordings, 2015 Michael Vorfeld – percussion, Richard Scott – Modular Synthesizer, Frank Gratkowski – Bass and Contrabass Clarinet, bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone. With the CD SIEBEN ENTRÜCKTE LIEDER (Seven Enraptured Songs) this Berlin trio presents a multifaceted collection of improvised music pieces recorded during two days in February 2015.

Topologies 01just out: MICHAEL VORFELD TOPOLOGIES 01 CD compilation, Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, Australia
This compilation includes the new composition UNTER STROM for light bulbs and actuating devices by Michael Vorfeld. Other pieces on this compilation are made by Philip Samartzis, Byron Huang-Dean, Christophe Charles, Rosalind Hall and Geoff Robinson.

Glueckjust out: GLÜCK, MIKROTON CD 38, contemporary percussion music with: Burkhard Beins / Enrico Malatesta / Michael Vorfeld / Christian Wolfarth / Ingar Zach

Skin Vorfeld plays BongosSKIN Vorfeld plays Bongos
New Solo-CD just out

Chladmi Project Funkloch Project, November 2014

Chladmi Project Chladni Project, june 2013

voice extensions voiceXtensions - Trailer - Ute Wassermann/Michael Vorfeld, Berlin 2013 9:30 min on vimeo

July 2012, just released Echtzeitmusik Berlin, three CD compilation. 41 previously unreleased tracks - 230 minutes on 3 CDs compiled by Burkhard Beins mikroton recordings

April 13 - June 8, DB12 (Dallas Biennial) presenting LEUCHTSTOFF (16mm movie, 2003, Germany, b&w, 13 min.) & LIGHT BULB MUSIC, Dallas, Texas

Glühlampenmusik München 2008 sound example of

über Glühlampenmusik
about light bulb musik

Light bulb music at WabeLight Bulb Music on vimeo
live concert at Wabe, Berlin June2011

GluehlampenmusikVideo Light Bulb Music, July 2011

Echtzeitmusik, Selbstbestimmung einer SzeneMichael Voreld: Von Klängen und anderen Wellen / On Sound and Other Waves in: echtzeitmusik berlin selbstbestimmung einer szene / self-defining a scene Burkhard Beins, Christian Kesten, Gisela Nauck, Andrea Neumann (Hg./eds.) Wolke Verlag 2011

Aspekte det Freien Improvisation in der Musik, Wolke VerlagMichael Vorfeld: Freie Improvisation versus Freie Kunst, in: Aspekte der Freien Improvisation in der Musik, Dieter A. Nanz (Hg.) Wolke Verlag, 2011

Michael Vorfeld
Glühlampenmusik / Light Bulb Music
A book with photos, text and Audio-CD
Revolver Publishing
This book includes photographs, photo-graphics and photograms of and with incandescent lamps, an extensive research into the history of the light bulb and its impact on various aspects of our modern lifestyle and an Audio-CD with sounds generated by means of various incandescent lamps and electrical switching elements.
Berlin 2010, Revolver Publishing, 40 pages, ill., 23,8 x 30 cm, Hardcover + AUDIO-CD on PVC CD-holder, German/English ISBN 978-3-86895-092-2

Michael Vorfeld Flugangst, solo CD
published by MonotypeRec., 2010
With his most recent solo CD, Michael Vorfeld presents an extreme and unique world of percussive sounds. His set-up consists of various percussion instruments and self-designed string instruments. His uncommon playing methods and further instrumental preparations complete the sound, leading to a multi-layered and dense sonic world.

Ben Gwilliam and Michael Vorfeld, LAUSTE, CD
published by Entr’acte, 2010
Lauste is composed entirely from a series of improvisations that took place at Michael Vorfeld’s Berlin studio in late 2008. These sessions and recordings presented herein were born out of a shared interest in combining light bulb and magnetic sounds into some musical form.